2020 Behavior, LLC was founded in Silicon Valley in 2018. We are a small, unique and highly experienced team of behavior analysts providing ABA services exclusively to families working at Google. We serve clients from ages 18 months to 18 years with a diagnosis of autism and related disorders. 2020 Behavior, LLC provides assessment, consultation, direct intervention services, school support services and parent training in the South Bay.  All of our direct services are provided by BCBA level clinicians.

Charlie Bell, MA, BCBA is co-founder of 2020 Behavior.


Charlie has over 18 years of experience in the field of ABA. Prior to founding 2020 Behavior, LLC Charlie worked within schools, clinics and home settings in Los Angeles, Raleigh, London, Sydney and Singapore. Until 2017 Charlie was based in Singapore where she managed her own practice and worked with families across SE Asia, providing direct services, parent training, supervision, school consultation, social skills training and international consultation to clients with ASD and related disorders.

Originally from the UK, Charlie has a Masters in Psychology from the University of St. Andrews (Scotland) and holds a post-graduate certification in Behavior Analysis from Florida Institute of Technology.


Charlie brings warmth, humor and creativity into her practice. Charlie specializes in Early Intervention and Verbal Behavior.



Ramla Chaudhry, MA is co-founder and Director of Services at 2020 Behavior, LLC.

Ramla has 15 years of experience in the field of ABA. Prior to 2020 Behavior, Ramla worked within schools and home settings in Milpitas, Los Altos, San Jose, and Monterey. 


Ramla has a Masters in Human Behavior.


Ramla is passionate about providing best practice for the 2020 Behavior families.

Maryssa McKenzie, MS, BCBA has worked throughout the East and South Bay Area of Northern California. 


Maryssa has worked in schools, home and center based settings.  In 2017, Maryssa traveled with the Global Autism Project to Nicaragua and in 2019 travels again to Guatemala.


Maryssa has a background in working with children and young adults with developmental disabilities from ages 2 to 25 years.


Outside of work, Maryssa enjoys spending time with family and close friends as well as traveling. 

Shannon Durand, M.Ed., BCBA moved to the Bay Area from Central Texas in December 2010 with her husband and three children.  She has worked with children and young adults with autism and other developmental disabilities.


Shannon has worked primarily in the home and school settings, and specializes in working with young children in early intervention.  She also really enjoys teaching functional skills that lead to an individual’s greater independence which include increasing functional communication, using the toilet independently, eating a variety of foods, dressing oneself, etc.


Most recently Shannon has been a preschool teacher in an inclusive ABA-based classroom, and has provided additional supports to those students and families in the program with autism and other delays and disabilities.  She is happiest when working directly with children and their families!

Ashley Jackowski, MA, BCBA has experience providing ABA as a behavioral therapist, program supervisor, and a clinical manager for ABA agencies in the East Bay Area of Northern California. 


Her favorite aspects of ABA include improving socially significant behaviors, providing inclusive and collaborative services with other professionals, and utilizing clinically effective assessment tools to help drive treatment. She also has a passion for family education and understands how crucial and imperative parent/caregiver training is for the generalization and maintenance of skills. 


She enjoys working with families primarily within their home and looks forward to providing treatment at a level that allows for the most direct support.  

Danika Moskwa, MA, BCBA is a Bay Area native and has extensive experience practicing in the field of Applied Behavior Analysis, working in clinical, community, school, and home-based settings with individuals ranging from 2-26 years old, primarily those diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder. 

Danika values the use of evidence-based approaches, staying up to date with new research findings, collaborating with multidisciplinary team members and tailoring programming to be individualized for each client. Her passion for ABA is driven by the positive outcomes her clients experience and she absolutely loves celebrating successes - both big and small!

Jerrod Zertuche, M.Ed, BCBA is a Clovis, CA native who began as a behavioral therapist and worked up to being a Training Coordinator and Talent Consultant before joining Team 2020.


Jerrod has provided behavior support services in all settings (home, community, schools, and clinics) and a variety of age groups (2-45 years of age).


Jerrod found his passion for teaching others the beauty of ABA as a Training Coordinator and loves providing the necessary knowledge and enthusiasm it takes for parents to implement evidence-based interventions with their children. 


He lives with his wife and 2 dogs in Palo Alto. Hobbies include golfing, DJing, watching movies, and watching his favorite sports teams.

Chelsea Sioxson Laxa, MA, BCBA has worked in the behavioral field all over the San Francisco Bay Area as well as the Greater Los Angeles Area. She received her Masters in Special Education and was employed as a full-time special education teacher before returning back to the clinical field. 


Chelsea specializes in early childhood interventions (birth - 5 years) but has worked with individuals ranging from ages 0-24 years. She has experience in homes, school settings, health care and developmental clinics. Chelsea has a passion for spreading knowledge of ABA principles and frequently provides informational presentations to college students, parents at local libraries and staff at school-based trainings. She emphasizes the importance of family/caregiver education and places high priority on functional communication training.


Chelsea is enthusiastic about both education and dancing, especially when the two overlap. Chelsea's other hobbies include traveling, eating and reading.

Marina Contreras, MA, BCBA, is from Texas and has experience working with children, adolescents, and adults diagnosed with autism and intellectual disabilities.  She first found ABA while coaching an inclusion gymnastics class in Austin, Texas. She fell in love with the science behind teaching young learners to play and interact with their peers.  Her main areas of interest include verbal behavior, social skills, and independent daily living skills. She is passionate about bridging gaps in skill acquisition in a thoughtful way to promote independence and generalization. 


Marina received her Masters in Special Education with Concentration in Applied Behavior Analysis. She lives in Palo Alto with her husband and cat named Oliver Meow. She enjoys yoga, hiking, camping, watching the Texas Longhorns, and reading.

Ameena Sweeting, MA, BCBA has a collegiate background in applied developmental psychology and applied behavior analysis (ABA). Early in her career, Ameena focused on facilitating social skills groups and individualized ABA sessions in the home and clinical settings for young children with autism and other developmental disorders. Across her leadership roles, Ameena ran parent and therapist training, and developed and managed intervention programs for clients ranging in ages from 2-21yrs. Prior to joining 2020 Behavior, LLC, Ameena shifted her focus to early intervention.

When not providing meaningful treatment to the families she works with, Ameena enjoys spending time with family, playing softball and traveling.

Hagop Rouchanian, MA, BCBA has experience providing Applied Behavior Analysis as a behavioral therapist, associate clinician, clinical manager, and division training coordinator for ABA agencies in the Peninsula and San Francisco Region of Northern California. 


Hagop has provided ABA services in homes, schools, clinics and community settings for individuals diagnosed with autism ranging between the ages of 18 months to 28 years old. Hagop targets socially significant behaviors through observation and assessment tools and applies individualized, high quality, effective, and evidence based behavior analytic principles to bring forth meaningful changes. He recognizes that families are essential team members of the treatment team therefore he thoroughly enjoys disseminating behavior change principles and behavior change tactics to ensure families are equipped with the necessary tools for successful outcomes and generalization of skills outside the treatment setting.


When not at work, Hagop enjoys spending time with his fiancé, family, traveling, and playing basketball. 

Kinga Wołos-Zachmeier, MA, BCBA, is originally from Poland and has had the pleasure of working with children, teenagers and adults with autism in variety of settings, including home, schools and clinics. She practiced ABA in Indiana before moving to California. Most recently Kinga served as Clinical Director at a school specializing in supporting students with behavioral challenges. 

Kinga is passionate about behavior analysis and she finds clients’ progress to be the most rewarding and motivating aspect of her work. She focuses on what clients can do instead on their deficits and helps them build up skills to reach their full potential. Kinga considers parent training to be an essential component of every successful intervention. 


Aside from ABA, Kinga enjoys traveling, learning about different cultures and hiking. She recently began to foster kittens. 

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